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A consulting firm providing consulting services to individuals, businesses, and public entities such as cities, parishes (counties), municipalities and housing agencies since 2009. A multi-dimensional corporation uniquely positioned to achieve substantial growth and success for our clients through strategic alliances. Provide industry-leading management and consider our consultant team to be the world’s leading advisors on business strategy. Dedicated to building vibrant communities and businesses by involving individuals in programs that contribute to the revitalization of their community, empowerment of citizens, and to the well-being of its residents. Strive to create safe and thriving communities through the development of jobs, community action, and education.

EME is known for its expertise in community outreach, marketing, and strategic planning. We are one of only four private consulting firms that utilize B2G Now, the nation’s leading diversity management software, for DBE coordination, compliance and monitoring. B2G Now is used by several municipalities such as the City of New Orleans’ Office of Supplier Diversity and Louis Armstrong International Airport’s DBE Program. We leverage resources that ultimately reduce costs of implementing DBE programs for our clients.


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